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06. For Teachers and Glossary

The following PDF files are provided for teacher and student use. All text is provided under a Creative Commons licence BY-NC-SA, and images are licensed as marked.

1.1   Links to the Australian Science Curriculum (126KB)

10.2   Energy Usage – Teacher Notes (239KB)

1.2   Links to Queensland Essential Learnings (130KB)

10.3   Energy Usage – Student Notes (229KB)

1.3   Fact File – When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth (160KB)

10.4   Energy-Related Activities (1.7MB)

2.0   Dinosaur Details (173KB)

11.0   Pests and Threats Teacher Booklet (1.2MB)

3.0   Palaeontologist Pursuits (133KB)

12.0   Let’s Investigate! (153KB)

4.0   Dinosaur Jigsaws (404KB) 

13.1   Background Research (519KB)

5.0   Interpreting Fossil Evidence (342KB)

13.2   Middle School Project (422KB)

6.0   A Fossil Community (56KB)

13.3   Guide to Making Judgements (23KB)

7.0   Finding Gondwanaland (245KB)

14.0   Yr 9 Assessment Task (QSA) (63KB)

8.0   Meteorite Matters (180KB)

15.0   Useful Websites (35KB)

9.0   Natural Disasters Teacher Booklet (3MB)

16.0   Glossary (33KB)

10.1  Earth Smart Science Program - Introduction (42KB)



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