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04. Related QM Resources


Queensland Museum Loans brochure Image: © Queensland Museum.

You can borrow evidence of Queensland's prehistoric past from Queensland Museum Loans. View our catalogue of Geosciences specimens and learning resource kits or search our database at the QM Loans section of our website.

Borrow from QM Loans: You can borrow from QM Loans in Brisbane by submitting an online Booking Request.

Collect and return your loans at 122 Gerler Road Hendra, or send a courier. Casual loan rates apply if you are not a QM Loans subscriber.

Borrow from a regional depot: You can borrow learning resource kits from a Regional Loans depot if you are in regional Queensland. View a schedule of kits in your region at the Regional Loans section of our website.

Contact the regional depot to book and borrow kits. This is a free service for borrowers in regional Queensland.

QM Loans learning resource kits suitable for this web resource include:

  • Active Earth: Investigate plate tectonics, continental movement, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes.
  • Megafauna: Explore ancient life forms from after the age of dinosaurs, including Pleistocene fossils found around the Darling Downs in Queensland.
  • Muttaburrasaurus Bones: Examine fossil evidence of Muttaburrasaurus from Queensland's Cretaceous past.
  • Pests and Threats: Consider human impact on native animal habitats. Explore how the introduction or removal of a species in an environment can lead to endangered species or extinctions.
  • Queensland Emblems: Examine Queensland's floral and faunal emblems. Consider how human changes to habitats that sustain the Koala, Brolga, Barrier Reef Anemonefish, and Cooktown Orchid can lead to endangered species or extinctions.
You can access teacher resource booklets that complement the above kits. Theses include: Natural Disasters; Pests and Threats; and Queensland Emblems: Flora and Fauna. They can be found in the Learning Resource section of our website.


The following book has been published by Steve Parish Publishing and was written by Dr Scott Hocknull and Dr Alex Cook, senior curators in Geosciences at Queensland Museum.

Hocknull, S and Cook, A.  Amazing Facts about Australian Dinosaurs, (2006), Steve Parish Publishing. Queensland, Australia. ISBN 978174021834 4

It can be purchased through Queensland Museum. The Explorer Shop on Level 2 of Queensland Museum South Bank campus can be contacted on (07) 3840 7729. The book can be purchased online at the Queensland Museum Shop.

Relevant Fact Sheets produced by Queensland Museum can be found in the Resources section at the link below. These include: Collecting Fossils; Cretaceous Marine Reptiles; Muttaburrasaurus; Pseudo-fossils; Rhoetosaurus: a Queensland dinosaur; and the Winton dinosaur trackway.

Simply type in the relevant title in the Search field.
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