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01. Winton Wonders


Australia’s Jurassic Park


10 mins
Australian Age of Dinosaurs
Channel 7 Sunday Night program
First screened 13th September 2009
Presenter: Mike Munro
Channel 7 owns the copyright to this program.

Meet one of the most vicious killers ever born: half a tonne of flesh-ripping claws and bone-crunching teeth. This is one of our most important finds in natural history. This story began over 100 million years ago.

Download Transcript (PDF) - 33KB

Australia’s Answer to T-Rex


4:42 mins
First screened 17th December 2009
The State Library of Queensland owns the copyright to this program.

Scott Hocknull talks passionately about his love of dinosaurs. Scott works at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs and as Senior Curator at Queensland Museum. In between 'digs', Scott shares theories about how the fossils of plant-eating 'Matilda' and meat-eating 'Banjo' came to be together. He also talks about a recent discovery of a fragment of a tooth. This came from a very large meat-eating dinosaur and could be Australia's answer to T. rex.

This is a Storylines Q150 digital story. This digital story was made by the State Library of Queensland with funding from the Queensland Government. It is a legacy of the Q150 celebrations in 2009.

Download Transcript (PDF) - 26KB

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