Anzac Legacy Gallery - Handling Kit

Audience:  Year 9
Availability: Bookable upon request

The handling kit features a variety of primary resources and replica First World War objects. These can be used to stimulate engagement with the First World War, including the nature of warfare, the difficulties of trench warfare and the use of chemical weapons and exploration of the places where Australians fought, including the Gallipoli campaign.

Downloadable Teacher Notes (2881 KB) pdf document icon provided Curriculum Links, object information, discussion questions and more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the nature of warfare during the First World War
  • Identify and analyse the perspectives of people from the past 
  • Process and synthesise information from a range of sources for use as evidence in an historical argument 

Session Details

  • Allow 30 minutes per group  
  • Teacher led activity
  • $90 flat rate regardless of group size

Group Visit Information

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