Coastal Life of South East Queensland

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This app was designed for those who love exploring the rocky shores, and muddy sand flats and mangroves, or simply enjoy strolling along the beach. We hope that it will provide some insight into the wonderful, but often little known creatures, with which we share our planet. The present edition contains about 540 species of invertebrate animals and marine plants that thrive in the intertidal and shallow subtidal zones. A similar future app will include the vertebrate species such as fishes, birds, marine reptiles and mammals.

Coastal Life of South East Queensland was designed as a companion to the Queensland Museum's two volume 'Wild Guide to Moreton Bay and Adjacent Coasts', and the information and images provided herein are a specially selected subset of the far greater number of creatures included in those books.

The app was developed through a collaboration between the Queensland Government, the Queensland Museum’s Natural Environments Program, and Griffith University’s Griffith School of Environment, Australian Rivers Institute and Learning Futures (Innovation Projects) teams.

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