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Totems: Yugambeh

HASS: Who lived here first and how do we know? (HISTORY Year 3 ACHASSK062) | What was life like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples before the arrival of the Europeans? (HISTORY Year 4 ACHASSK083) | What do we know about the lives of people in Australia’s colonial past and how do we know? How did colonial settlement change the environment? (HISTORY Year 5 ACHASSK107) > SCIENCE: Living things, including plants and animals, depend on each other and the environment to survive (BIOLOGICAL Year 4 ACSSU073) | Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment (BIOLOGICAL Year 5 ACSSU043)

Totems: Yugambeh


  • Echidna: (Buneen), Short-beaked + cover
  • Egg: Eagle, Wedge-tailed (Mibunn) + cover
  • Egg: Pelican (Chungarra) + cover
  • Shell: Turtle (Pinjin), Snake-necked, Eastern + cover
  • Willy Wagtail: (Jingeri Jingeri) & Nest & Egg + cover


  • Egg Mass: Snake, Python, Carpet (Kabul) + cover

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68 x 45 x 33 cm
10 kg
Kit - Resource (box)