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Aboriginal Science: Rainforest

Explore the mastery of science by Aboriginal people in rainforest areas in north-east Queensland. ~ HASS: GEOGRAPHY (Year 2 ACHASSK049) The ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples maintain special connections to particular Country/Place | (Year 3 ACHASSK069) The similarities and differences between places in terms of their type of settlement, demographic characteristics and the lives of the people who live there, and people’s perceptions of these places | (Year 4 ACHASSK088) The importance of environments, including natural vegetation, to animals and people | (Year 4 ACHASSK089) The custodial responsibility Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have for Country/Place, and how this influences views about sustainability | (Year 5 ACHASSK112) The influence of people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, on the environmental characteristics of Australian places | (Year 6 ACHASSK140) The world’s cultural diversity, including that of its indigenous peoples ~ HASS: HISTORY (Year 2 ACHASSK045) The importance today of a historical site of cultural or spiritual significance in the local area, and why it should be preserved | (Year 4 ACHASSK086) The nature of contact between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and others, for example, the Macassans and the Europeans, and the effects of these interactions on, for example, people and environments ~ SCIENCE: HUMAN ENDEAVOUR (Year 2 ACSHE035) People use science in their daily lives, including when caring for the environment | (Year 3 ACSHE051) Science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions | (Year 4 ACSHE061) Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships | (Year 6 ACSHE098) Science involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena | THIS KIT PRODUCED WITH PRESENTING PARTNER BHP BILLITON CANNINGTON

Aboriginal Science: Rainforest


  • Boomerang: Returning, Polymer, Contemporary
  • Boomerang: Sports, Polymer, Contemporary
  • Grater: 3 Way
  • Strainer: Silicone, Collapsible
  • Thrower: Ball


  • Clay: Ochre, Yellow + box
  • Kaolin: + box
  • Paint: Acrylic, Yellow Ochre
  • Scrub: Face, contains Kaolin


  • Moogie: + box
  • Ooyurka: + box


  • Aboriginal Science Rainforest Tools

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66 x 42 x 28 cm
12 kg
Kit - Resource (box)