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Marine Life

SCIENCE: Living things live in different places where their needs are met (BIOLOGICAL Year 1 ACSSU211) | Living things can be grouped on the basis of observable features and distinguished from non-living things PC: Feather, fur or leaves? (BIOLOGICAL Year 3 ACSSU044) > EARLY YEARS: Environments

Marine Life


  • Carapace (Dorsal Shell): Turtle, Green, Juvenile
  • Coral: Display + cover
  • Crab: + cover
  • Echinoderm: Display, Sea Star & Sea Urchin & Sand Dollar + cover
  • Egg: Tern, Crested + cover
  • Shell: Gastropod, Cone Shell, Display + cover
  • Spinifex: Beach, Leaves


  • Stonefish: + cover
  • Whipray: Reticulate, Juvenile + cover

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59 x 40 x 34 cm
12 kg
Kit - Resource (box)