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Brisbane Trapdoor Spider

Arbanitis longipes, family Idiopidae

Brisbane Trapdoor spider burrow, Idiopidae, Arbanitis longipes


Narrow-headed brown spiders with light coloured hairs on the head and dark brown or mottled body. The lighter coloured legs are quite slender and have dark edges.

Diversity & distribution

Coastal eastern Australia near the Queensland-New South Wales border.

A complex of similar species ("superspecies") recognisable only from adult males is thought to occur in the Greater Brisbane area. A similar species, Arbanitis robertcollinsi, occurs in Lamington National Park.

This species is listed by EPA as a species of conservation concern. However, it seems to be one of the most resilient of trapdoor spiders even persisting in highly disturbed industrial dump sites.


The burrow is open, without a door. The entrance is lined with dead leaves bound to the wall with silk.


No bites have been recorded; not believed to be dangerous.

Similar Species

Brown Tube spider.

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