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Digital Imaging

Contact: Collection Imager, Geoff Thompson (3840 7034)

In this section:

  • Procedures and forms
  • Services
  • Equiptment

Procedures and forms

Collection Digitisation (633 KB) pdf document iconProcedures (DOC, 77KB) Updated Spet 2013
Photography and Collection Imaging Order Form (PDF, 73KB)


The Digital Imaging Unit is a strategic service available to assist across collections and across the whole of QMN, resources permitting.
It can offer a range of services in the visual digitisation of collection specimens and objects. We do this in consultation with the Photography section and the two services complement each other.
In general any job requiring focus stacking or very high magnification fits the skill set of the unit (see ‘Equipment’ section below for detailed definitions and examples). Other jobs may be undertaken by either Photography or Digital Imaging depending on skills, equipment and time available.
Where work is to be done by the Collection Imager, approved, funded projects are preferred but small projects may be undertaken as core business, requiring a ‘Photography and Collection Imaging Order Form’ to be completed.
The unit can also offer advice and training of staff in the appropriate use (or purchase) of equipment, methods and software.
External jobs are also undertaken at a standard consulting rate.

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