Dr John Stanisic

Dr John Stanisic is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Queensland Museum and a Research Associate of the Australian Museum, Sydney. He is Australia’s foremost expert on land snails having held the position of Curator of Molluscs at the museum for 26 years.

John Stanisic
John has published numerous scientific and popular articles on the systematics, distribution and biogeography of land snails, in particular their association with rainforest and limestone. John is also Director and Principal Biodiversity Scientist at BAAM Pty Ltd, a specialist fauna and habitat consultancy firm.

His main focus is the emerging use of invertebrates as environmental indicators in local and regional ecosystem management and has managed a number of large scale biodiversity surveys including a ground-breaking review of the Brisbane City invertebrates.


Honorary Research Fellow, Biodiversity Program


BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

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