Queensland families

Family is the basic unit of the community. Although Queensland covers a large territory, its people are linked by close community ties.

Families can be linked by genetics, sexual relationships, child care, friendship or common need. Families can be a source of strength and identity, and the source of conflict and alienation.

Explore everyday family life in Queensland through time, including:

Family picnic photographed by Bert Roberts

Queensland families are just as diverse as the community, being drawn from different cultures, religions, countries, and types of relationships. Family can be particularly important for minority groups and those who are marginalised from mainstream society. 

Family can determine where you live, how you are raised, where you go to school and even the types of work that you do.

The importance of family is reflected in the Queensland Museum collections. Many Collection objects were donated by Queensland families; from the prominent to the humble. The collections reflect the relationships which exist both within and between families.

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