Share your memory of Mephisto

We want to hear your Mephisto memories.

Do you have memories of Mephisto on display at the old Museum at Gregory Terrace or moving through the streets of Brisbane?

Share your stories, photos and thoughts to help us develop a new display about this important object. Please be sure to also include, if possible, the full name, service number and unit of any other person(s) mentioned in your post.

Your memories

My Grandfather is one of the men involved in the capture of the tank and his name, A McFarlane, is engraved on the exterior of the tank. I can remember my grandmother taking me to see it at the old museum in Brisbane. – Leanne

My Grandfather also was in the 26th Battalion in WW1 and was present at the Mephisto capture. In his later years, he was interviewed by H. Whitmore for the Museum's book on the Mephisto. – Lance

As a child I remember the coldness and rough texture of the hull when touched. – Warren

My grandfather served in the 26th Battalion in WWI. He took part in the capture of the tank. He acquired a German gas mask in its metal container and a German dagger from a crew member of the tank. I still have these items today. – Ken

My great uncle is one of the "tank boys" chiselled into the armour plate. – Jason 

Share your Mephisto memories with us

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