Magneto Telephone, table handset (H3086) Magneto Telephone, table handset (H3086)Communication is essential to a colony or state the size of Queensland. The relatively decentralised population over a vast area meant that communication technologies, like transport infrastructure, were vital to the development of the state. These technologies allowed people to relay information about developments on the frontier, order and ship supplies and maintain law and order.

Effective communication is also essential to the well-being, health and safety of people of Queensland.

Communication through post, telegraph and telephone, and more recently the internet, allow two-way communication between distant people. This can lessen the void between distant loved ones, and provide vital aids in times of medical emergency or natural disaster.

Other forms of communication such as radio and television may be more one directional, but they provide cohesion in a dispersed population. Through media, members of a community share news, events, jokes and music. These sources of entertainment and news provide company and information for those who are socially or physically isolated. Communication as entertainment is also an important marker of time away from work.


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