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Question archive

  • Snake eggs

    October 2013

    Can snake eggs be saved if they are accidentally disturbed?
  • Black Kites

    September 2013

    Has a “kettle” of kites boiled over in SEQ?
  • Mysterious foam

    August 2013

    Have you ever seen insect spit?
  • Froad

    July 2013

    Can cane toads cross-breed with native frogs?
  • A shocking machine

    June 2013

    A shock a day, keeps the doctor away
  • Pink-tongued Skink (Cyclodomorphus gerrardii)Blue-tongued or Pink-tongued Skink?

    May 2013

    When is a Blue-tongued Skink not a Blue-tongued Skink?
  • All Fools' Day

    April 2013

    A day for practical jokes and hoaxes
  • A Real Humdinger

    March 2013

    A hovering hummer, but not the type you think.
  • Crystal Conundrum

    February 2013

    Could this stunning mineral be Superman’s weakness?
  • dolphin carcassBeach bones

    January 2013

    A mystery carcass washed up on Fraser Island...
  • earthworm burrow entranceWonderful Worms

    December 2012

    Australia's can of worms barely open
  • A Gecko's Tale

    November 2012

    Leaf-tailed Gecko tail as an unusual find
  • Carpet Python curled around her eggs. Photo by Steve WilsonApis cow

    October 2012

    What’s with the cow?
  • Carpet Python curled around her eggs. Photo by Steve WilsonMaternal python

    September 2012

    Dedicated mother protects her eggs for months
  • Headshot of a Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus) with their characteristic angular brow.Snake Dentistry

    August 2012

    Do snakes grow a single set of teeth or do they replace teeth throughout their life?
  • Sea anemone (Sphenopus marsupialis). Photographed by Kylie Ann Burchell.Zoanthid

    July 2012

    I was hoping you can help identify this creature. I photographed it on the beach just south of the border (Kingscliff), it was about 4 inches long and felt rubbery like a sea sponge. Posting the picture to Facebook caused some odd reactions!
  • Juvenile Diamond Trevally photographed in Cairns Marina by David and Brenda O'Brien.Glowing Fish

    June 2012

    These very unusual young fish appeared beside our boat in Cairns Marina. Can you please tell us what they are?
  • Whale breach with barnacles on the skin. Top right:  Barnacles on the front fin. Bottom right:  Lice on the whale body. Credit: Shona MarksTiny Hitchhikers

    May 2012

    What are the lumps on the humpback whales skin in the Whale Mall?
  • The Identification of Stone Artefacts in Australia

    April 2012

    The Identification of Stone Artefacts in Australia
  • Beach Beasties

    March 2012

    Some amazing tiny animals live in beach sand
  • Flight of Fancy

    February 2012

    How do I find out if the bird in my backyard is a native or not?
  • Shell Squatters

    January 2012

    Do hermit crabs make their own shell or steal them?
  • Web of Mystery

    December 2011

    Most people are familiar with spider webs, but a web covering most of a paddock still seems rather odd. What could have caused it?
  • Giant Tadpoles

    November 2011

    How can the tadpoles of native frogs be distinguished from introduced Cane Toads?
  • Caterpillars and Ants helping each other

    October 2011

    The caterpillars of Common Tit Butterflies are protected by Green Tree Ants
  • Cuckoo in the nest

    September 2011

    Channel-billed Cuckoos are a ‘brood parasite’, which means they lay their eggs in the nests of other birds
  • It’s raining fleas!

    August 2011

    Small flea-like creatures turn up after rain.
  • Regurgitated pellets, Pied CurrawongPackets of seeds

    July 2011

    Spreading Weeds
  • Close up of the combThe Piñata of Peril

    June 2011

    Why is this paper wasp nest so big?
  • Sweet Tooth Roof Resident

    May 2011

    Which type of glider is living in this roof?
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