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Giant Tadpoles

November 2011

I have been catching a lot of large tadpoles in a dam on my property in the Obi Obi Valley, Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  They have back legs and are accumulating in my yabby traps.  Can you please tell me if these are cane toads?  If so I will continue to trap them and destroy them.


The tadpoles in your photos are a native frog called the Great Barred Frog (Mixophyes fasciolatus). The name of this frog refers to the distinctive black bars on their legs, which are already visible in one of your photos. Great Barred Frogs are usually found in rainforests or wet sclerophyll forests.  

Tadpoles. Photos courtesy of Philip HammondCane Toad tadpoles are commonly small, black, and have the unusual behaviour of congregating in the open (most frog tadpoles seek cover). You can see what this looks like on our Cane Toad information page.


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