Funnel-web spiders

Species of the genera Hadronyche. Illawara and Atrax, family Hexathelidae

Funnel-webs are the most dangerous of all spiders: death from a bite has occurred in as little as 15 minutes. Sadly, many harmless dark spiders are mistaken for funnel-webs and unnecessarily killed.

Toowoomba Funnelweb spider, Hexathelidae, Hadronyche infensa, female Female Toowoomba Funnel-web spider (Hadronyche infensa).

Funnel-webs range from small to large, but most are medium-sized spiders with two small finger-like spinnerets seen at the end of the body. They are shiny, black-headed spiders with a black to blue-black body and long legs.

Spiders that make funnel-shaped webs also occur in Europe and America but are harmless and unrelated to the Australian funnel-webs whose web itself is not really funnel-shaped.

The Sydney Funnel-web is one of the best known species.

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