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Genus Idiommata, family Barychelidae

Silverback, Brushfooted trapdoor spider, Idiommata, male Male Silverback, with silver sheen of hair on its head. Silverback, Brushfooted trapdoor spider, Idiommata, female Female Silverback.


Large brown to black spiders; the darker males have a silver sheen of hair on their head, brown females have a golden sheen. The body of both is black and hairy. The "feet" and underside of the legs is covered with dense hair that flashes iridescent in some light.

Diversity & distribution

A number of species, most new, occur throughout Australia, several in Queensland.

They are found in both rainforest and open forest throughout Australia, except Tasmania.


Short, open, often with a collar of leaves; a short horizontal flask down the burrow is sealed by a thick door.


One bite to a child in Perth caused a serious reaction.

Similar species

Being large, they can be confused with a tarantula but the spinnerets of silverbacks are hardly noticeable from above.

Silverback, Brushfooted trapdoor spider, Idiommata, burrow entrance

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