Wolf Spiders

Black-bellied Wolf Spider (Tasmanicosa godeffroyi, family Lycosidae)

Wolf spider, Lycosidae, Tasmanicosa, female


Union jack pattern on head, black bell-shaped mark on body, entirely black below. Large eyes on top and front of head.

Often with babies on back or egg sac hanging off body.

Cannot climb glass.

Leg span up to 7cm.


Eastern Australia in open ground, grassland.


Fatal to dogs and cats within 1 hour; no serious reactions reported from bites to humans, even to children.

Venom: Not known to be toxic to humans but in combination with digestive juices during feeding can cause tissue damage in frogs.


Found on ground.

Main prey: small insects, frogs, toads, lizards.

Similar species

Many other wolf spiders and Mottled False Wolf.

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