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Racing Stripe Spiders

Mottled False Wolf spider (Mituliodon tarantulinus, family Miturgidae)


Brown, entirely mottled above with 2 bands or lines of white spots underneath. All eyes small.

Able to climb glass.

Length: Legs span 5 cm.


Status: Common.

Coastal in eastern, South and Western Australia and Tasmania, Open forest, grasslands. Common in litter.


Minor local reactions.


Summer breeding.

Main prey: small insects, other spiders.

Similar species

Wolf spiders.

Striped Swamp spider (Miturga gilva, family Miturgidae)


Dark legs with dark stripes on head and body; two white stripes from V under body.

Racing Stripe Spider, Miturgidae, Miturga gilva, female

Unable to climb vertical glass. 

Leg span up to 70mm.


None known.


Coastal Australia, including Tasmania but not yet reported from Northern Territory. Habitat: Moist aquatic habitats near swamps, mangroves, creeks.


Known to be a major food source for Cattle Egrets and presumably other birds that hunt on the ground in marshy ground.

Fast-moving, ground hunter. Main prey: insects.

Breeding: Summer maturing; egg sacs not carried but attached to bark or tree.

Similar species

Many in the same genus.

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