Bush Rat

Bush Rat

Rattus fuscipes


Body length 160 mm; tail length 150 mm; weight 120 g. Rat-sized; body brown-grey; tail shorter than head-body length and ringed with bands of scales.

Habitat and Range:

Rainforest and thickly vegetated moist gullies, lantana and bracken patches and creekside verges. Common along D'Aguilar Range and its associated gullies. Patchy distribution in coastal areas of eastern Australia, also SA and south-west WA.


Nocturnal. Prefers insects, but will eat anything. Around the Greater Brisbane Region, most easily confused with Pale Field Rat and is also similar to the Fawn-footed Melomys, Ship Rat, Sewer Rat and Swamp Rat.




Messy feeder, leaving droppings and smelly urine. Droppings torpedo-shaped, usually pointed at one end (17 mm long by 4 mm wide). Often digs burrows alongside building footings.

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