Red-necked Pademelon

Red-necked Pademelon (Thylogale thetis)

Thylogale thetis


Body length 50 cm; tall length 40 cm; weight 6 kg. Small; greyish-brown with red neck and shoulders.

Habitat and Range:

Rainforest and vine thickets of the D’Aguilar Range and Mount Tamborine. Common in restricted habitat. Coastal areas from Monto, Qld, to southern NSW.


Nocturnal. Similar to Red-legged Pademelon but more frequently encountered because of its tendency to graze at the edge of dense cover. A cautious animal, which betrays the presence of an observer by making loud warning thumps with its hind feet.


Dogs and cats.


Droppings similar to Red-legged Pademelon

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