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Grasshoppers, crickets & katydids (Order Orthoptera)

Grasshoppers, crickets and katydids all belong to the Order Orthoptera. Most are plant-feeders and some, such as locusts, are agricultural pests. Most species produce sounds by rubbing various parts of their bodies together, particularly the bases of their wings. This a moderately large group of insects with almost 3000 species estimated to occur in Australia.

Queensland Spotted Pyrgomorph, Greyacris profundesulcata (Family Pyrgomorphidae)The beautiful Queensland Spotted Pyrgomorph, Greyacris profundesulcata (Family Pyrgomorphidae).

CaediciaCaedicia is probably the largest genus of Orthoptera in Australia, containing many very similar looking katydids (Family Tettigoniidae).

Wood Cricket, Epacra sp. (Family Gryllacrididae)Both male and female Wood Crickets, Epacra spp. (Family Gryllacrididae), may sing in times of stress.

The Dead Leaf Grasshopper, Goniaea sp. (Family Acrididae)A Dead Leaf Grasshopper, Goniaea sp. (Family Acrididae) with a prominent arched crest on the thorax is well camouflaged while resting among dead leaves in dry eucalypt forests across Australia.

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