Southern Orange-eyed Treefrog

Litoria chloris


The Southern Orange-eyed Treefrog is a medium-sized frog, growing to 68 mm.  It is green with reddish-orange eyes.  The limbs and sides are bright yellow and the hind edge of the thigh is purple.


Found from coastal mid-eastern Queensland to Sydney, New South Wales.


Lives in rainforests, wet sclerophyll forests and riparian zones.


Spends most of its time in the trees but comes to the ground to breed.


This species breeds after heavy rain in shallow, temporary pools.  The eggs are laid in a jelly mat on the surface of the water and attach to vegetation or sink to the bottom.


The call is described as a drawn-out moan or a series of rising `waaarks’ ending in trills.

Similar species:

This species is most similar to the Orange-thighed Treefrog (Litoria xanthomera) which has a different thigh colour.  It can also be confused with the Graceful Treefrog (L. gracilenta) but this species has pale markings above the eyes that are not present in L. chloris.

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