Lamington Spiny Crayfish

Euastacus sulcatus


Lamington Spiny Crayfish, Euastacus sulcatus

Adult length 100-130 mm. Large and with a prominent spiny tail; outer edge of claw armed with a series of spines; inner edge of wrist of claw also has two prominent spines; moveable finger of claw has 1-4 spines at base.

Colour varies with location: Lamington and Springbrook crayfish are vibrant blue or blue-green contrasting with white; northern NSW animals are red and white; western populations are green-brown with less contrast.

Habitat & range

Restricted to streams bordered by rainforest and sometimes wet eucalypt forest at more than 300 m altitude. Inhabits mountains in a cresent from Mount Tamborine to Lamington Plateau, west along Macpherson Range and north via Cunningham's Gap into the Mistake Mountains, Queensland.


Often found walking on rainforest tracks after rain. If encountered can be very aggressive waving its claws back over its head and hissing audibly. Can deliver a painful nip if handled.

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