Fishes collections

Lactoria cornutus Fishes are the most diverse of all the vertebrates. The estimated 4,800 species that occur in Australian waters probably constitute the most diverse marine fauna of any country, and many of these species occur in Queensland waters. The fish collection contains:

  • about 38,000 specimen lots;
  • over 650 type specimens, including types of some of the most significant early Australian ichthyological discoveries;
  • strengths in freshwater and estuarine fishes of northern Australia; shallow to deepwater demersal trawled species Queensland-wide; and southern Queensland reef and shore fish fauna;
  • other important material includes dredged fishes from a survey across the entire length of the Great Barrier Reef; reef fishes from the central Great Barrier Reef; and reef and shore fishes from the central Gulf of Carpentaria region;
  • 100% of the collection is databased, although there are significant amount of unregistered unsorted material still to be processed.

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