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Antiquities Revealed - CLOSED

Antiquities Revealed was due to close on 27 April however has now closed. For more information, learn more. 
Queensland Museum Collections

From the vault of the museum’s collection, Antiquities Revealed showcases objects from ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilisations, connecting you with the past and providing insights into daily life, personal dress, technology, beliefs, art and more.

Marvel at the tiny, the intricate and the well-loved items of everyday life from centuries ago. Move through the Mediterranean absorbing intriguing stories across space and time with more than 200 iconic objects.

From the pottery used in daily life to the exquisitely adorned bell kraters (large mixing vessels), glass perfume bottles from Greek scent shops, and fragments of mosaic pavement from Pompeii, see the remnants of peoples’ lives, passions, creativity and innovation.  


All images taken under controlled conditions.

Event Details

20 December 2019 - 27 April 2020
Level 3 Touring Exhibition Gallery