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Yidaki - CLOSED

Yidaki - Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia was due to close on 29 March however has now closed. For more information, learn more. 

Yidaki is a symbol of our culture,
but it’s more than that, they’re also our spirit.
Yidaki is our breath, our voice.

Larry Gurruwiwi

Didjeridu is the iconic sound of Australia, an instrument played by many Aboriginal people and others around the world. It is both a symbol of Aboriginal culture, and the most famous instrument in the expanding traditions of global ‘world music’. Yet for all its fame and familiarity, little is known about it beyond cliches and stereotypes. 

Immerse yourself in this remarkable exhibition built around the rhythm and song of yidaki (the instrument also known as ‘didjeridu’).

Go into the cultural and musical heartland of the instrument – Arnhem Land, northern Australia – to learn from the makers and masters of yidaki, the Yolngu.

Explore the story, from the instrument creation and its diversity of forms, through to its role in ceremony, healing, diplomacy and everyday life. The exhibition includes 20 key objects in a stunning stringybark forest setting, brought to life by multiple audiovisual experiences that illuminate the cultural, ecological and musical world of the Yolngu people.

A collaborative exhibition developed by the South Australian Museum with the traditional owners of the yidaki, the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land in northern Australia, this groundbreaking project has become the first major exploration of this musical emblem of Australia.

Please by aware this exhibition contains strobe lighting effects.

Event Details

30 November 2019 - 29 March 2020
Level 2 Exhibition Space