660: Calling Home


660: Calling Home connects the past, the present and the future. Our ancestors are calling to come home and we all must take a moment to stop and listen to them speak. This is our responsibility.

The eight talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people behind 660: Calling Home have been mentored by renowned artist Ryan Presley to create 12 moving artworks as part of unsettle. 

Declan Beetson, Dajarra Browne, Emma Hollingsworth, Roxy Jones, Kiana Larkins, Dylan Mooney, Aidan Rowlingson and Georgia Walsh have been on a journey to connect with the many stories held within the museum collections for the past 150 years – their works which include a mix of mediums including drawings, paintings, projections, sculpture and poetry are a reflection of this experience.

Like many Indigenous Peoples throughout the world, Aboriginal People and Torres Strait Islanders believe objects hold stories. The object’s value is in the making, in the maker and in the purpose of their creation. Objects are imbued with the spirit and knowledge of people in the past and the present and will continue to guide the next generation into the future. 

unsettle is a Digi Youth Arts Creative Initiative supported by Queensland Museum and funded by the Australian Government through the Indigenous Languages and Arts program, aimed at helping artists and organisations to shape our cultural landscape, increase cultural diversity, and inspire, educate and entertain audiences.

Free entry, Level 2.

Image credit: Dajarra Browne, Common Theft —1788, ongoing, 2018. Acrylic and coarse pumicestone gel on canvas.

Event Details

23 May 2018 - 19 August 2018
Level 2 Theatre