Perception Deception


Mind melting illusions, sensory sensations, playing with perception, and discovering the world inside your head are all part of the exhibition Perception Deception.

Is what we see, hear and feel real? Challenge your sensory signals and explore how your brain perceives the things and people around you. Discover how people may perceive the same thing in a different way and that reality is not what it seems.

Test your balance while walking along a path wearing special glasses, make your arms feel like they are floating, see into infinity and watch a ball disappear in mid-air. Explore your visual, multisensory, social and audio-language perception.

Perception Deception is the ultimate hands-on, minds-on exhibition of mind trickery to test and fool your perceptions.

Admission: $5 per person*

*Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18+)

Free entry for MyMuseum members.

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Things to see and do

  • Test your balance while walking the path wearing special glasses.
  • Run your hands over wires. Do they feel like velvet or jelly?
  • Confuse your mind with the phantom hand illusion.
  • Feel your arms float upwards by themselves.
  • Watch your world around you expand before your very eyes.
  • Lift and compare different shapes. Does size or texture change how heavy they feel? 
  • Look into infinity. How deep does this tunnel go?
  • Listen as you speak into a microphone. Will what you hear, change how you talk?
  • Experience how your brain ‘fills in’ blind spots and gaps.
  • Open your eyes and listen. Does what you see, change what you hear?
  • Pick up the toy robot floating in the air. It might not be as easy as it sounds. 
  • See an image that isn’t there.

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Learning Resources for Perception Deception

Learning resources highlight the exhibition’s main themes, identifies curriculum links and provides materials which support pre, during or post a visit to Perception Deception.


Perception Deception. Developed by Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra.


Event Details

26 January 2018 - 05 August 2018
Level 2 Exhibition Space
$5 per person