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Living and working the land

Aboriginal Peoples know that they have been in Australia since the beginning of time. During the Creation time when all things were called into being, laws and rules for living were given to the people – this included how to respect and care for one’s own country. Laws governing responsibilities to land, creatures, plants and one another were declared and passed on.

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups have responsibility for their own particular area. Although many groups were dispossessed following European invasion and colonisation, they did not lose the connection to their country and continue to care for the land.

Aboriginal Peoples have been living and working the land for many, many thousands of years.

Bunya trees

This circle explores:

  • Native Title Bidjara – Working country
  • Rock Art Sites
  • Bidjara – The pastoral era
  • Bidjara – Return to country
  • Guugu Yimithir people
  • Bush Foods
  • Medicines
  • The Bunya gathering
  • Aboriginal people in the cattle industry
  • Domestics – Aboriginal working women
  • The Brisbane story