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Ninnarmee (Welcome Song): As told by Alex Bond

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Images and objects relating to this story are found within Dandiiri Maiwar at Queensland Museum South Bank.


My name is Alex, and I am from the Dala/Kabi Kabi People. My country reaches from the Brisbane River, north, along the coast to Tin Can Bay, including Mary Valley. I’m sharing with you a story about a song, a corroborre, called Ninnarmee.

This corroborre was created by my Great Grandfather, Yabba or Whardin of the Kabi Kabi and Wakka Wakka. Yabva Nuva means, ‘Head Songman’.

This corroboree came from a dream that Yabva’s father in-law, (Boobadjin Cobbo) had. In this dream, he had awoken and he could hardly recognize the land he was in – many trees and shrubs were cut down and there were many fences. Then Boobadjin awoke from his sleep, and realised he was only dreaming. This shocked him so much that he immediately turned around from his run (walkabout) and went back to Cherbourg, and told his son in-law about it. Yabva then went away for a few days, then came back to Cherbourg and performed the corroborre for this father in law and the rest of the community who he shared his dreaming with.

Now this song has been used as a welcome by various people performing the corroborre. Through its original intent was to relate a profound dream of an individual which is according to the tradition of the dreaming.

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