4000 Species

4000 species Discover more about the role Queensland Museum Network scientists and researchers play in discovering new species in our latest interactive display, 4000 Species.

Through large interactive touch screens, visitors can take a journey from discovery to naming in 4000 Species.

Here you can explore more than 4000 species of tropical and sub-tropical life Queensland Museum Network scientists and researchers played a role in discovering since 1862 and learn the story of how they were named and by whom.

Included within the 4388 species featured are dinosaurs, mammals, birds, crustaceans and spiders.

Through an easy-to-navigate ‘tree’ visitors can learn more about how different species are related and fit together in the vast web of life.

4000 Species is now open on Level 2 and will be on display until late 2014.


Free entry.

Event Details

25 July 2014 - 31 December 2014
Level 2