Rock Around the Block: Rock ‘N’ Roll George, Brisbane Legend

Photo for the Rock n' Roll George exhibition Image of George and his car courtesy of David MayFor many decades, George Kiprios, aka Rock 'N’ Roll George, drove his beloved Holden 48-215 around the streets of Brisbane. 

George represented something timeless: regular as clockwork he cruised the city, radio blaring and wearing his trademark purple stovepipe trousers. As he and the car aged, George became a local legend, a classic character who was a constant in a city undergoing rapid and irreversible change.

Known for the Holden he drove around Brisbane for over six decades, Rock ’N’ Roll George represented something timeless: he visited the same places at the same times, wearing the same clothes and always cruising in his uniquely customised car.

To fill in the gaps in the mystery about just who this old rock and roller really was stories emerged around George. Fact and fiction became part of the mystique. 

Rock Around the Block: Rock 'N' Roll George Brisbane Legend is proudly supported by Hutchinson Builders.

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20 January 2012 - 30 June 2014
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