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Brisbane Floods 2011

In January 2011, the Brisbane River broke its banks and a wave of brown water inundated the city in the biggest floods to hit Queensland's capital since 1974. This display features images and stories of Brisbane's flood prone past.

Floodwaters in Brisbane peaked at 4.46 metres on 13 January making it the sixth worst flood in the city’s recorded history. Significant damage to transport, infrastructure and over 20,000 houses made the January flood the most destructive natural disaster experienced by the city.

On display is a section of excavated earth from South Bank acquired during the building of the Suncorp Piazza which reveals preserved evidence of past major floods that have inundated the city.

The section provides an account of the city’s dramatic natural history, including a record of extreme flood events and how Brisbane looked in past centuries.

Also featured in the exhibition is the high resolution photo map of Brisbane in flood between 13-14 January that captured global interest, courtesy of digital imagining firm NearMap.

Get involved

The Museum is encouraging visitors to share their experiences of the flood and its aftermath.

Curators are keen to collect stories and objects that will preserve this significant historical event for future generations.

To share your flood experience or donate objects, contact the Museum via email on or on Facebook at the Queensland Museum page

Special Events

Social History Curator Jo Besley will present two floor talks in the exhibition on Wednesday 16 March at 11.30am and 1.30pm, highlighting the importance of collecting records of historical events.

Things to see and do

• Explore interactive digital displays showing before and after images of the flood zones
• See evidence of past flood events in Brisbane
• See images of the 2011 flood and past floods
• Share your story of the floods

Event Details

10 March 2011 09:30 AM - 27 March 2011 05:00 PM
Level 2

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