Moving: Wheels, Wind, Water

Small plane and four-wheeled vehicle with firehose and ladder on display New Farm Volunteer Fire Brigade quadricycle and Beech Duke plane.We spend a great deal of time travelling from one place to another with much of our history being about what we did when we got there (and before we left).

Travelling has a history all of its own. From horse drawn carriages to piston engines, model boats and aeroplanes, this exhibition celebrates these journeys.

The small biplane flown from London to Bundaberg by Bert Hinkler in 1928 hangs overhead, whilst the little Acrohc Australis, the smallest boat to sail around the world, is proudly on display.


Explore the wheels that drove Queensland.

To their devotees, motorcycles are not so much a mode of transport as a way of life. Even against competition from international rivals including Harley Davidson, Indian Motor cycles achieved worldwide popularity especially between the two World Wars.

Early in the 1920s the New Farm Volunteer Fire Brigade depended on a quadricycle to travel to fires.


The early days of aviation began a great age of pioneering. Australian aviators like Bert Hinkler, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, Lores Bonney and Bill Lancaster blazed new trails across the skies.

Many early fliers died as they marked out new routes in their tiny flimsy crafts.  

Hinkler's Avro Baby and Avro Avian used in his historic flights are here on display.

Researchers can access the Thomas Macleod Queensland Aviation Collection - an archive of documents, photographs and memorabilia relating to early Queensland aviation - through our library


The SS Oransay was one of the 3 sister ships built for the Orient line. A large scale model depicts the ship built in 1951. Imagine life on a ship crossing the seas.

Things to see and do

  • Learn about the vehicles Queenslanders used for work and pleasure.
  • Discover how the smallest boat in the world travelled around the world.
  • Imagine what it was like to cross the country in a plane for the first time.
  • View the planes flown by Bert Hinkler, the Avro Baby and Avro Avian. 
  • See personal items of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.
  • Learn how Queenslanders used to travel.

Single-seat biplane on display Bert Hinkler's Avro Baby.

Event Details

17 May 2010 - 10 July 2011
Level 2, Queensland Museum South Bank

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