Image: Geometric pattern of Gouldian Finch 

Brisbane Festival will be flying high at Queensland Museum celebrating the beauty and wonder of the Gouldian Finch! Check out these stunning birds, now on until 6 October, 2020. 

Aviary of Finches

Fly into Queensland Museum to take in the vibrancy and colours of a charm of 20 live finches that have nested in a specially designed aviary on level 1.

Take the time to unwind, take in their dazzling array of beauty, listen to their subtle, yet enchanting chirps and song and enjoy their lively aerial antics and social interactions as they go about their day. 

Birds and aviary supplied by Queensland Finch Society. Conservation efforts to recover the Gouldian Finch and the Southern Blackthroated Finch supported by Save the Gouldian Fund and the Black-throated Finch Recovery Team

Rare insight into The Birds of Australia

Once you’ve seen the most beautiful finch in the world, gain an insight into how it claimed that title with a rare look at John Gould’s The Birds of Australia from Queensland Museum’s rare book collection.

For a limited time, this extraordinary book will be on display alongside our charm of live finches.

Image: John Gould's The Birds of Australia  

Image: The Birds of Australia: in seven volumes (published by the author, London, 1848).

A Charm of Gouldian Finches

Six giant Gouldian Finches will fly into Brisbane to spread messages of hope this September. Created by internationally renowned artist Florentijn Hofmanand brought to life by Brisbane’s Urban Art Projects, these spectacularly coloured birds invite us to look up and smile.

Perched atop iconic Brisbane locations, including Queensland Museum, Messengers of Brisbane can be viewed on a leisurely stroll, bike ride, or even from a CityCat.

Brisbane Festival Activities

Download a variety of activities this Brisbane Festival and show off your best crafting skills. From building your own flying finch to creating your own party hat or even constructing an origami geometric Gouldian Finch. 

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Visiting the museum

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Event Details

04 September 2020 09:30 AM - 06 October 2020 04:00 PM
Level 1 Exhibition Gallery