Creative Lab October 2017

Friday 13 October

Queensland Museum & Sciencentre, South Brisbane

Tickets: $171.50 SOLD OUT
Price includes all booking fees; full-day PD across 3 workshops; meals & refreshments; take-home materials on supplied USB.

Creative Lab teacher professional development program helps teachers to guide their students into an innovative future.

During a full day workshop, experts guide delegates through new, engaging strategies using creative teaching methodologies to teach STEM subjects.

Delegates have the chance to interact with STEM professionals and, have access to Queensland Museum treasures and research, integrated with Australian curriculum-based activities. Delegates will also have the opportunity to experience the new travelling exhibition Perception Deception, where mind-melting illusions, sensory sensations, playing with perception, and discovering the world inside your head are all part of the experience! 

Creative Lab is designed to increase confidence in teaching STEM in the classroom and help increase your students’ participation and performance in STEM subjects. The experiences offered encourage teachers to explore creative solutions to everyday problems. 

These Creative Lab workshops align primarily with a curriculum range from Years 5 to 10.

Each participant will experience three workshops spread across the day:

  • To Preserve and Protect
    Discover how chemistry is used in preserving some of Queensland Museum's most valuable collection items in this hands-on workshop as we go behind the scenes with Senior Conservator Cathy ter Bogt, exploring the role of Museum Conservation Science. Delegates will also uncover the scientific process used by one of the world’s oldest art forms during a taxidermy demonstration by Todd Knight and his intriguing assistants! Discover new and engaging strategies to connect scientific principles and content back to the Australian Science Curriculum within your classroom.  
  • Flight Club: Explore animal adaptations
    In this hands-on workshop, investigate how the animal kingdom has perfected the art of flying using knowledge, expertise and resources shared by Queensland Museum’s Collection Manager of Mammals and Birds. Explore how you can connect biological understandings with design and technologies concepts in our ‘Flight Club Challenge’ and examine ways in which workshop content can be adapted to further extend student engagement with STEM. 
  • What’s in a name? Classification explained
    Kingdom, phylum, class, order… in this workshop you will investigate animal classification and how species are named. Put on your “taxonomist hat” and classify a selection of animal specimens from the museum’s collection.  Explore the real-world application of STEM as Queensland Museum Geneticist Dr Jessica Worthington Wilmer reveals how and why we use genetic classification. In the final activity teachers are invited to get hands-on with a DNA alignment.

Presenting Partner: Creative Lab is supported by Future Makers  the visionary STEM partnership between Queensland Museum and QGC. 

What teachers said about past Creative Lab events:

  • ... SO good to have world-class presenters and a real-world experience of how we would work with students in a highly productive manner.
  • The presenters were excellent and engaging as were the activities.
  • I now have more ideas about how to start inquiry based learning in my classroom
  • …Interaction was also really good in the workshops where we got to participate and see how the different techniques could be applied in the classroom
  • Creative Lab had very strong and relevant links to the Australian Curriculum.

Watch this short clip to see what Creative Lab is all about:



Event Details

13 October 2017, 08:30 PM - 05:30 PM
Level 2 Theatre

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