National Archaeology Week

What clues can artefacts reveal about our past? Celebrate National Archaeology Week 2017 with our special Meet our Curator sessions. View up close unique artefacts from the Museum’s archaeology collection, discover how archaeologists reconstruct human activity from fragments left behind and find out about research currently being conducted by museum archaeologists. 

Monday 15 - Friday 19 May 2017
1pm - 2pm

Discovery Centre, Level 3


Ancient lampLighting the Ancient World with Dave Parkhill

Monday 15 May

Artificial lighting was widespread throughout the Ancient Roman World and was either generated by candles or terracotta lamps. Lamps were not only used in private and public buildings, but also in temples and as grave goods. Lamps are also a valuable tool to the archaeologist allowing them to date sites by comparing manufacturing materials and styles. In this Meet our Curator session you can view a selection of lamps from the Queensland Museum’s Archaeology collection and gain an insight into the different manufacturing processes.

Mapping the Past with Geraldine Mate

Tuesday 16 May
Historical maps can tell us many things about the past, not least of all how people saw the landscape they lived in. In this Meet our Curator session, Geraldine Mate explores the maps of Mount Shamrock in conjunction with newspaper accounts of the day to show how a sense of 19th century gold mining in Queensland can emerge.


The Archaeology of Bottles with Nick Hadnutt

Wednesday 17 May
We often use various bottles and other containers every day with little thought about the process of creating, designing, using and discarding them. Archaeologists have recognised the high research value of bottles from the archaeological record in gaining insight into the communities that created and used the bottles. Bottles can give us insight into manufacturing and design techniques, marketing and distribution of the contents, trends and popular foods and beverages as well as recycling and discarding of the bottles. Take an opportunity to view some of the bottles from the Museum’s collection and perhaps see something from your childhood.


Roman glasswareGlass in the Ancient World with Dave Parkhill

Thursday 18 May
Glass was used throughout the Roman world, with various uses and methods of manufacturing. With colours ranging from clear to vivid blues or other bright colours, Roman glass can be seen as entirely functional yet exquisite objects.   Join Dave Parkhill as he showcases examples of Roman glass from the Queensland Museum Archaeology Collection.


Shearer's War: Lagoon Creek with Nick Hadnutt

Friday 19 May
In 1891, Lagoon Creek at Barcaldine was home to several thousand shearers who were camping together and protesting the poor working conditions and low wages introduced by their employers, the pastoralists. Learn more about this highly significant Queensland story, and view artefacts from the site to gain insight into the shearer’s lives in camp.



Event Details

15 May 2017 01:00 PM - 19 May 2017 02:00 PM
Level 3 Discovery Centre