rattle. disrupt. disturb. shake. paint. unsettle.

A new artists-in-residence program at Queensland Museum will see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people draw on the State Collection to inspire works of film, street and visual art, music and theatre.

Running from February 2017 to April 2018, unsettle is a Digi Youth Arts Creative Initiative supported by Queensland Museum and funded through a federal government grant aimed at helping artists and organisations to shape our cultural landscape, increase cultural diversity, and inspire, educate and entertain audiences nationally and internationally.

unsettle provides an opportunity for established artists to mentor young artists as they question, challenge and expose the nature of cultural collections in galleries and museums.

Digi Youth Arts young people are partnering with Land Writers (Warraba Weatherall and Daniel Jones) and Mz Murri Cod (Libby Harward) to transform and activate Queensland Museum through the creation of two new works examining cultural heritage collections.

The works created will offer audiences new interpretations and observations of cultural heritage collections and provide opportunities for the wider community to speak one-on-one with the artists.

Event Details

10 February 2017 - 19 August 2018