Activity Zones and Theatre Performances

Get ready for your expedition - Dig for Dinosaurs or step back in time and become a prehistoric creature. After the expedition, join in the fun of a theatre show as you sing-along, dance and learn about dinosaurs.

Tickets: $10 for children 3-12 years to Dino Detective, Gondwana and Jurassic Joe theatre performances.

Adults must accompany children.

Which dino bone did you find?

Dino Detective:

Children 3 – 12 years
9:30am – 4pm
Level 2

Have you ever wanted to dig for Dinosaurs? Become a palaeontologist, grab your spade and enter the giant dig site. Start digging and carefully brush away the earth as you look for dinosaur bones. What will you discover?

After uncovering the dinosaur evidence, match the bones, make a dino model, document your model and reveal your dino discovery. After you finish working on your dinosaur discovery, visit our scientists and watch them working on real fossils. What part of a dinosaur have they discovered?

Dino Detective offers a range of hands-on and fun activities, including our largest ever dinosaur dig pit for Which dino bone did you find?

Activities include:

  • Dino Detective Dress Ups
  • Which dino bone did you find?
  • Put me back together
  • What could I look like?
  • Create a dinosaur picture
  • My Discovery – Make a model of your dinosaur

Dinosaur dress ups

Gondwana and The Nest

Children 3 – 12 years
9:30am – 4pm
Level 4

What will you find in the forests of Gondwana? Step back in time and become a prehistoric creature. Are you fast and fierce? Are you large and long? Create your own mask to dress the part. Which dinosaur are you?

Activities include:

  • Make a dino mask
  • Dinosaur Dress Ups
  • Dinosaur footprints
  • Dino world
  • Books and Puzzles

The Nest

Children birth – 4 years
Located in Gondwana

Visit The Nest. Learn through play in our dinosaur nests, a special play space for birth to four year olds. Dress up and become a dinosaur. Discover puzzles, colour, texture, size and shape.

Activities include:

  • Dinosaur Dress Ups
  • Dinosaur Nests
  • My Dinosaur – Drawing
  • Dino world
  • Books and Puzzles

Singing with Jurassic Joe

Jurassic Joe - Theatre Performance

Children 3 – 12 years
Fri 15 – Thur 21 April, Sat 23 & Sun 24 April
10am, 11am, 12pm and 2pm
Theatre, Level 2

Sing-along, dance, laugh and learn about dinosaurs as Jurassic Joe presents a collection of songs for children of all ages. Discover through the songs, dinosaur names, what they look like, how they move, what they sound like and how they behave. This is an interactive show with children singing, dancing, miming and being part of the performance.

Jurassic Joe is a popular performer whose theatre shows at the museum always reach full house. Children and adults will leave the shows singing Jurassic Joe’s songs. Extend your fun by purchasing Jurassic Joe’s latest CD Dinosaur Club in the Museum Explorer Shop or on Jurassic Joe’s website.

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