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Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Nature, Volume 61

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Title and DOI

Holcroft, L.

A revision of Gyrocochlea-grade Charopidae from mid-eastern Queensland and redescription and generic reassignment of three Gyrocochlea-grade species (Eupulmonata: Charopidae)

Published online 30 April 2018

Amey, A.P., Worthington Wilmer, J., Blomberg, S.P. and Couper, P.J.

Range extension and genetic structure of the narrowly-restricted slider skink, Lerista rochfordensis Amey and Couper, 2009 (Reptilia: Scincidae)

Published online 17 May 2018

Stanisic. J.

Description of a new species of semi-slug, Fastosarion comerfordae sp. nov., from Eungella National Park, mid-eastern Queensland (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Helicarionidae)

Published online 17 May 2018

Mesibov, R.

Three new species of Cladethosoma Chamberlin, 1920 from southeast Queensland (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae)

Published on 6 June 2018

Nelson, L. Bridger, M., & Turner, S.

Endoparasitic flea larvae of Uropsylla tasmanica (Siphonaptera: Pygiopsyllidae) infest spotted-tailed quolls in southern Queensland

Published online 30 July 2018

Amey, A.P., Couper, P.J. Worthington Wilmer, J., Ferguson, D. & Borsboom, A.C.

A two-toed population of critically endangered Retro Slider Skink, Lerista allanae (Longman, 1937) (Reptilia: Scincidae)

Published online 3 August 2018

Holcroft, L.

A revision of Charopidae with a finely cancellate protoconch sculpture from mid-eastern Queensland (Eupulmonata: Charopidae)

Published online 31 August 2018

Beveridge, I. & Schaeffner, B.C.

Trypanorhynch cestodes (Platyhelminthes) parasitic in elasmobranchs and crustaceans in Moreton Bay, Queensland

Published online 22 November 2018

Beveridge, I.

Three new species of acotylean polyclads (Platyhelminthes) from Queensland, Australia, with the erection of a new genus

Published online 22 November 2018

Stanisic, J.

Helix namoiensis Cox, 1868: synonym of the North American zonitid Mesomphix (Omphalina) cupreus (Rafinesque, 1831)

Published online 7 December 2018

Holcroft, L. & Stanisic, J.

Thirteen new charopid land snails from mid-eastern Queensland rainforests (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Charopidae)

Published online 21 December 2018

Shea, G.M.

Current status of the genera Karma and Magmellia Wells, 2009 (Scincidae: Lygosominae: Sphenomorphini) with a morphological character to distinguish the two genera

Published online 24 September 2019

Stanisic, J.

Addendum to Australian Land Snails Volume 2. A Field Guide to Southern, Central and Western Species by Stanisic, J.; Shea, M.; Potter, D.; Griffiths, O. 2017 (Bioculture Press: Mauritius). 594 pp.

Published online 11 October 2019

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