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The new Australian Ground-Hunting Spider Genus Leichhardteus (Araneae: Corinnidae)


The new Australian Ground-Hunting Spider Genus Leichhardteus (Araneae: Corinnidae) (1930 KB) pdf document icon


Baehr, B.C. & Raven, R.J.


Baehr, B.C. & Raven, R.J. 2013 10 10: The new Australian Ground-Hunting Spider Genus Leichhardteus (Araneae: Corinnidae). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Nature 58: 339–358.

Accepted 4 April 2013
Published online 10 October 2013
Peer reviewed:



Keywords Biogeography, Morphology, New Species,Taxonomy, Corinnidae


The new corinnid genus Leichhardteus is described including eight new species from eastern Australia: L. albofasciatus, L. badius, L. bimaculatus, L. conopalpis, L. garretti, L. kroombit, L. reinhardi and L. terriirwinae. A key to the species is provided. Only one species is widely distributed, four species are collected only in rainforests and three species are recorded only from a single location.