The fossil insects of Australia


The fossil insects of Australia


Jell, P.A.


Jell, P.A. 2004 08 16: The fossil insects of Australia. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 50(1): 1-124. Brisbane. ISSN 0079-8835

Date published

16 August 2004

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fossil insects; Australia; Permian; Triassic; Cretaceous; catalogue


A taxonomic catalogue of the known fossil insects of Australia provides illustrations of at least one species of every genus so far identified. Every known species is recorded with the age (formation) and location (sedimentary basin). Some synonymies and updated taxonomic placements are included but this has not been an exhaustive review of taxonomy. The principal sources for fossil insects are described as the Upper Permian Boolaroo Formation in the Newcastle Coal Measures adjacent to Lake Macquarie and Blackstone Formations in the Upper Triassic Ipswich Coal Measures of southeastern Queensland and the Lower Cretaceous Koonwarra Fossil Bed in South Gippsland research is outlined. Austroscarites is introduced to replace the preoccupied Scarites Hamilton not Fabricius.