Memoirs of the Queensland Museum - Culture Volume 3

Volume 3 part 1

NB: Volume 3 consists of only 1 part

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Table of Contents

Part 1 - Published 21 June 2004



Barham, A.J., Rowland, M.J. & Hitchcock, G.

Torres Strait bepotaim: an overview of archaeological and ethnoarchaeological investigations and research

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McNiven, I.J., Fitzpatrick, J. & Cordell, J.

An Islander world: new approaches to managing the archaeological heritage of Torres Strait, northeast Australia

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Kaus, D.

Material culture collections and research from Torres Strait

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McNiven, I.J. & Hitchcock, G.

Torres Strait marine subsistence specialisation and terrestrial animal translocation

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Carter, M., Barham, A.J., Veth, P., Bird, D.W., O'Connor, S. & Bird, R.B.

The Murray Islands Archaeological Project: excavations on Mer and Dauar eastern Torres Strait

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Bird, D.W., Bliege Bird, R. & Richardson, J.L.

Meriam ethnoarchaeology: shellfishing and shellmiddens

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David, B. & McNiven, I.J.

Western Torres Strait cultural history project: research design and initial results

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McNiven I.J., David, B., Brady, L. & Brayer, J.

Kabadul Kula rock-art site, Dauan Island, Torres Strait

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Vanderwal, R.

Early historical sources for the top western islands in the western Torres Strait exchange network

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McNiven, I.J., Von Gnielinski, F. & Quinnell, M.C.

Torres Strait and the origin of large stone axes from Kiwai Island, Fly River estuary (Papua New Guinea)

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McNiven, I.J. & Von Gnielinski, F.

Stone club head manufacture on Dauan Island, Torres Strait

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Hitchcock, G.

Torres Strait origin of some stone-headed clubs from the Torassi or Bensbach River area, southwest Papua New Guinea

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Shnukal, A.

The post-contact created environment in the Torres Strait Central Islands

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Illidge, P., Doyle, C. & Gesner, P.

An assessment of selected shipwrecks in Torres Strait and far north Great Barrier Reef

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McPhee, E.

Archaeology of the pearlshellin industry in Torres Strait

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Grimwade, G.

Japanese pearlers' bath-house, Thursday Island, Torres strait

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