Memoirs of the Queensland Museum - Culture Volume 4

Volume 4 parts 1 & 2

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Table of Contents

 Part 1 - Published 1 November 2006



Ferrier, A.

Dr Eric Mjoberg's 1913 scientific exploration of North Queensland's rainforest region (515 KB) pdf document icon

Hopkins-Weise, J.

A history of the service and loss of the Queensland Government Steamer Llewellyn, 1884-1919 (572 KB) pdf document icon

Lawrence, D.R., Brown, R., McPhee, E. & Slaughter, E.

Coastal fortifications of Townsville (1148 KB) pdf document icon

Nugent, S.J.

Applying use-wear and residue analyses to digging sticks (460 KB) pdf document icon

Seekee, V.

Artillery in Torres Strait 1891-1945: the silent forgotten sentinels fo the north (412 KB) pdf document icon


Part 2 - Published 17 October 2008

Gelam's homeland, Cultural and natural history on the island of Mua, Torres Strait - Edited by Bruno David, Louise Manas and Michael Quinnell

Part A: Written Records & Oral Traditions



Manas, L., David, B. & Quinnell, M.C.

Introduction to Gelam's Homeland (901 KB) pdf document icon

Much professional archaeological research around the world aims at aspects of history that are of international rather than of local significance, and text-based historical research has long been complicit in nation-building agendas. This paper introduces the present monograph by outlining why and how the authors of this volume have come to write a local history, with local issues in mind. It is the first professional and multi-disciplinary history to be written in book form for any single island in Torres Strait, with community history in mind.

Shnukal, A.

Traditional Man (541 KB) pdf document icon

Shnukal, A.

The last battle of Mua: eleven texts (474 KB) pdf document icon

Shnukal, A.

Historical Mua (2192 KB) pdf document icon

Schomberg, N.

Baba Schomberg's photographs of Mua, 1921 - 1935 (2520 KB) pdf document icon

Shnukal, A.

Wolfram mining and the Christian co-operative movement (832 KB) pdf document icon

Manas, J., David, B., Ash, J., Manas, L. & Shnukal, A.

An interview with Fr John Manas (563 KB) pdf document icon

PART B: The Archaeological Record

 David, B. & Barham, A.J.


 History of archaeological research on Mua (239 KB) pdf document icon

David, B. & Ash, J.


What do early European contact-period villages in Torres Strait look like?: Archaeological implications



Ash, J. & David, B.

Mua 22: archaeology at the old village sie of Totalai (1032 KB) pdf document icon

Ash, J., Brooks, A., David, B. & McNiven, I.J.


European-manufactured objects from the 'early misson' site of Totalai, Mua (Western Torres Strait)



David, B.

The archaeoogy of defence on Mua (435 KB) pdf document icon

Brady, L.M.

Mua's rock-art: design patterning and inter-regional interaction (2645 KB) pdf document icon

David, B., McNiven, I.J. & Weisler, M.

Archaeological excavations at Gerain and Urakaraltam (2119 KB) pdf document icon

McNiven, I.J. & Von Gnielinski, F.E.

A decorated stone club head (gabagab) from Mua, Torres Strait (564 KB) pdf document icon

David, B.

Archaeological surveys at Bulbul and Gerain (1383 KB) pdf document icon

David, B., Orr, M. & Zoppi, U.

Archaeological excavations at Bulbul, site Mua 116 (349 KB) pdf document icon

PART C: Natural History

Orr, M.

Landscape history at Bulbul, Gelam's homeland (363 KB) pdf document icon

Rowe, C.

Holocene vegetatoin change on Mua (739 KB) pdf document icon

Wannan, B.

Terrestrial vegetation of Gelam's homeland, Mua (530 KB) pdf document icon

Stanisic, J.

Land snails of Mua island, Torres Strait (213 KB) pdf document icon

Ingram, G.

The terrestrial vertebrates of Mua, Western Torres Strait (326 KB) pdf document icon