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Memoirs of the Queensland Museum - Culture Volume 6

Andrew Goldie in New Guinea 1875 - 1879: Memoir of a Natural history collector


Memoirs of the Queensland Museum: Andrew Goldie in New GuineaYoung men with Maiva shields © Trustees of the British Museum






 Table of Contents – Published 18 December 2012 (Complete in 1 volume).



Mullins, S.

The Andrew Goldie manuscript (355 KB) pdf document icon

Mullins, S. & Bellamy, M.

Andrew Goldie: the experience of Empire (1360 KB) pdf document icon

Appendix (247 KB) pdf document icon

Moore, C. & Mullins, S.

Andrew Goldie's memoir: 1875 - 1879 (1654 KB) pdf document icon

Davies, S.M.

Andrew Goldie: his collecting and collections & Appendix (1157 KB) pdf document icon

Davies, S.M.


Catalogue of Papuan artefacts associated with Andrew Goldie in the Queensland Museum and the Museum of the Cumbraes, Millport, Scotland



Bibliography (367 KB) pdf document icon