Perception Deception

01 August 2017

Bend your brain and fool your senses with optical illusions and tricks on display at Queensland Museum and Sciencentre.

From 16 September, the Sciencentre will play host to a range of fascinating and interactive scientific experiences as part of the Perception Deception travelling exhibition, created by Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra.

Suitable for ages 10 and up, Perception Deception is a collection of 28 hands-on exhibits and 60 interactive multimedia experiences that challenge the sensory signals that create our perceptions of the things and people around us.

“Perception Deception lets visitors discover the world inside their heads and explore how different people may perceive the same thing in different ways,” said Acting CEO and Director Dr Jim Thompson.

Through a variety of perceptual tests and illusions, visitors can learn how their brains edit, prioritise and even add information to make sense of the world.

“Visitors can test their balance by looking through special prism eyeglasses while walking around looping patterns on the ground, or challenge their sensory perceptions by experiencing the feel of velvet as they rub their hands over wires,” Dr Jim said.

Perception Deception is the ultimate display of mind trickery to test and fool visitors’ perceptions. Other interactive challenges include lifting shapes of the same weight only to have them feel lighter or heavier depending on the way the brain perceives their textures.

“We are really excited to host the Perception Deception exhibition and look forward to seeing the community enjoy the activities on offer,” Dr Jim said.

Perception Deception
will engage people of all ages with mind-melting illusions and perceptual playfulness. It is on at Queensland Museum and Sciencentre from 16 September 2017 with entry included in the price of Sciencentre admission.

Sciencentre ticket prices
Adult: $14.50
Concession/Full-time Student: $12.50
Child: (3-15) (must be accompanied by an adult 18+) $11.50
Family: (2 Adults/Concessions & up to 4 Children) $44.50

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