Tickets on sale for Queensland Museum exhibition revealing mummies’ secrets

01 December 2017

Tickets are now on sale for a major Queensland Museum exhibition, Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives, that includes new high-technology 3D scans revealing secrets about the mummies and the preservation of their bodies.

Queensland Museum Acting CEO Dr Jim Thompson said the exhibition of six mummies, almost 200 other objects and the 3D scans from the British Museum’s world-famous Egyptian collections would open at Queensland Museum from 16 March 2018.

Dr Thompson said Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives would reveal the human stories of six mummies who lived and died in Egypt between 900BC and AD180.

“Egyptian Mummies have long been a source of fascination, and this world-class exhibition from the British Museum will give visitors incredible new insights into their ancient lives,” Dr Thompson said.

He said cutting edge technology had been used to virtually explore mummification techniques and reveal intriguing facts about the lives of these six very different individuals, all without disturbing their bandages.

“Using 3D CT scans, researchers and curators have discovered each mummy’s sex, their health histories, approximately how old they were when they died and the mummification methods used to preserve their bodies,” Dr Thompson said.

Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives
will feature these scan images alongside almost 200 objects that tell stories of funerary practices and daily life, selected from the British Museum’s world-famous Egyptian collections.

“Within the exhibition, visitors will be able to explore the six wrapped mummies on display by virtually peeling back the layers of history through interactive 3D visualisations,” Dr Thompson said.

“The preservation of the body was central to the ancient Egyptians’ beliefs in the afterlife and it is captivating to see how each mummy was prepared for their journey after death.”

Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives was developed by the British Museum and will be on display at Queensland Museum from 16 March to 26 August 2018.

Tickets are on sale now through Adult tickets are $21; Concession tickets $18, Children (3-15 years) enter for $12; and Family passes (2A + 2Ch) are $58.

Please note this exhibition contains human remains and CT scan images of mummified human remains.


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