Unwrap the mysteries of ancient Egypt

15 March 2018

Delve into the mysteries of ancient Egypt and virtually unwrap six mummies through cutting-edge visualisations and state-of-the-art technology at Queensland Museum’s latest exhibition Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives on now until 26 August.

The exhibition sheds new light on a small part of one of the British Museum’s most popular collections and highlights the scientific investigation undertaken by its curators using CT scanning technology.

Minister for Science and the Arts the Honourable Leeanne Enoch said Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives was an example of how science and arts are intertwined.

“This exhibition, which is opening just in time for World Science Festival Brisbane next week, is a shining example of how science and technology plays an integral role in everything we do, including helping unlock the mysteries of Egyptian mummies,” she said.

Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives introduces the public to six mummies including a female temple singer, a priestess, a wealthy married woman, a priest, a young man and a two-year-old boy.

Queensland Museum Network’s Acting CEO Dr Jim Thompson said the exhibition helps illustrate how these individuals lived.

“Through large-screen visualisations, visitors to the Queensland Museum will be able to learn more about these six mummies and have an insight into their lives which covers a time-span stretching between 900 BC and AD 180,” he said.

“The advanced technology used will let our visitors delve into the secrets of mummification through the intact wrappings and within.

“Complementing the mummies are contextual objects from the British Museum’s extensive collection that will help paint a picture of what day-to-day life was like in ancient Egypt and dispel a myth that mummification was just for Pharaohs.”

While the exhibition is underpinned by detailed and unprecedented scientific analysis of what lies beneath the coffins and bandages, the six mummies are treated as individuals, not as objects.

As part of Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives there will be a series of themed After Dark events for 18+ and Night at the Museum family events as well as a school holiday program, Museum Detectives. Tickets can be purchased via mummies.qm.qld.gov.au

There will also be Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives themed programming and talks as part of the World Science Festival Brisbane which runs from 21-25 March, 2018.

Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives was developed by the British Museum and will be on display at Queensland Museum from 16 March to 26 August 2018.

Tickets are on sale now through mummies.qm.qld.gov.au. Adult tickets are $21; Concession tickets $18, Children (3-15 years) enter for $12; and Family passes (2A + 2Ch) are $58.

The presentation of this exhibition is a collaboration between The British Museum and the Queensland Museum.

Funding for insurance has been provided through the Queensland Government Exhibition indemnification Scheme, administered by Arts Queensland.

Please note this exhibition contains human remains and CT scan images of mummified human remains.


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